5th International Sea Duck Conference 2014

The 5th International Sea Duck Conference will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland, from 8-12 September 2014. As the first International Sea Duck Conference to be held outside of North America, we would like to welcome scientists, students, government, non-government, and industrial representatives, as well as sea duck enthusiasts from both North America and Europe to attend. This will be an ideal venue for connecting with international collaborators, forging new partnerships, and communicating research results to the sea duck community.

A primary focus of the 5th International Sea Duck Conference will be directed at the effects of climate change and other anthropogenic effects on population dynamics of sea ducks. The conference will also feature sessions dedicated to Aboriginal wildlife co-management, breeding biology, migration ecology, winter ecology, at-sea foraging, physiology, diseases, and contaminants. Other conference sessions will examine techniques for determining population status and trends, population dynamics, survival and recruitment, migratory pathways, critical at-sea habitats, and management options.

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  • Breaking News


    We are sorry the Field Trip to Lake Mývatn is FULL!

    We may have some last minute cancellations, so inquire at the Registration desk if we have room for you or a guest.

    Iceland’s Volcanic Activity

    One of Iceland’s biggest volcanoes, Bárðarbunga, is acting unruly but we are notifying everyone that it is unlikely that an eruption will occur any time soon. Plus, Bárðarbunga is a basalt volcano, as opposed to a rhyolite volcanoe like Eyjafjallajökull, so any possible ash should not interfere with air travel. However, the lava could cause some ice to melt in our largest glacier, Vatnajökull, which could result in flooding in the Northeast. We are keeping close tabs on this for the Field Trip!

    For more information, go to Iceland’s NPR info page in English: http://www.ruv.is/volcano
  • Abstracts


    We have received over 100 abstracts for Oral and Poster presentations for the 5th International Sea Duck Conference! We are proud to host international delegates from Iceland, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Greenland, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, and the Empire of Finland!


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